Educational Websites Relating to Vein Disease and Treatment

Excellent reviews of the causes and the very varied manifestations of Vein Conditions, as well as many other useful types of patient education, are contained in the following websites:

    website of the American College of Phlebology, the authoritative Vein professional society in the US; this website has fabulous videos on their patient information page. Dr. Mueller’s listing as a Fellow of the ACP can be found on this official site.
    website of the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. Dr. Mueller’s listing as a Diplomate can be found here. Dr. Mueller had the additional distinction of being in the first / inaugural group of Vein Specialists to become a Diplomate.
    website of the manufacturer of the laser device our center uses for Endovenous Laser Ablation (known variably as EVLA, EVLT, or ELT), manufactured by Diomed (since acquired by Angiodynamics, Inc.); excellent patient information as well as instructive videos.
    excellent general information site regarding Vein Disease and treatment options
    website of American Venous Forum, which maintains an excellent and detailed handbook of venous disorders for patients

Please also note that patients often do not realize that many symptoms and physical findings are due to underlying vein disease, especially when visible varicose veins are not present. Symptoms can include: aching, pain, heaviness, itching, burning, leg cramps (esp. at night), restless leg syndrome); physical findings can include: swelling, skin inflammation / irritation / scaling / redness, ulcers (skin breakdown), skin thickening, darkening or hyperpigmentation of skin, and bleeding from varicose veins. In fact, patients often do not realize that vein disease can be present and often severe, when there are no visible varicose veins.  As always, a thorough discussion with your Vein Specialist is appropriate and can be very informative.

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"Dr. Mueller is not just 'another' Vein Doctor. He is an internationally trusted opinion leader, speaker / presenter at top national & international conferences, author of numerous publications, and one of approx. 50 physicians in the world elected to Fellowship of the American College of Phlebology. Click here to see Dr. Mueller's Credentials"

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