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Dr. Richard Mueller is extremely intelligent, polite, respectful, medically thorough, kind, compassionate and responsible. He’s the best doctor I’ve ever seen in my entire life – and as person with multiple rare disabilities, I’ve seen many, many specialists. Dr. Mueller will not give up on you. He will spend as much time with you as he needs in order to fully understand and treat your medical conditions. He has a great staff who are organized & his office can perform many tests right there, which saves you time and money. I cannot praise Richard Mueller enough. He is the most amazing, wonderful, ethical, kind, intelligent doctor I’ve ever had – this is out of literally scores of doctors I’ve seen over 20 years.

Twitter posts (she has 5000+ followers):

I recommend #cosmetic #vein solutions by one of the best MDs in #NYC – Richard Mueller & staff rock: #HappyGorgeousLegs

If you’re in NYC & need an internist or cardiologist, I cannot recommend Dr. Richard Mueller highly enough: – #BestMD!

– Denise R., MA, EdM

Dr. Mueller – Happy New Year !…You are a blessing in this world. Thank you for your medical care and expertise. You renewed my trust and hope and faith that I had lost for doctors and the medical profession with a few exceptions. Thanks for letting your light shine, for your medical knowledge, and skill, and the kind way you treat patients. You are one in a million ! God bless you. Thank you. With gratitude, love,

– Milagros R.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Richard Mueller for several years. The vascular disease I suffered from was both physically uncomfortable and embarrassing. The treatment I received from Dr. Mueller and his staff literally changed my life. I am truly grateful.”

– Richard B.

“I am extremely pleased with the 2 laser procedures I had with Dr. Mueller, which resolved my symptoms and eradicated my very large varicose veins. Dr. Mueller is a superb vein specialist and is highly talented and compassionate. He is the master of Vein treatment and I recommend him highly !”

– Jeff T.

“I’m very pleased with all the care and help for my vein treatment. I can never find a better doctor. Dr. Mueller is very kind and caring with his patients. He is also the best doctor for vein problems and treatment. I’m very confident in all he is doing for me and I look so much better, and my legs are doing so well and are nice to look at again. I recommend Dr. Mueller to all my friends because I feel happy again and very blessed to find such a good doctor. I can trust my legs!”

– Elsa S.

“I had a very comforting and secure experience with Dr. Mueller and his staff. My legs were in very bad shape when I came in and with Dr. Mueller’s help they have greatly improved since then. I recommend Dr. Mueller to others.”

– Michael F.

“Dr. Mueller is superb in every aspect; the very best. Not only is he my long standing cardiologist, but he made my very large varicose veins look like a before & after poster by eliminating them with laser followed by ambulatory phlebectomy. He is skilled and compassionate, and takes his time with patients. You do not need to look any further for an incredible physician, cardiologist, & vein expert !”

– Stanley K.

“Dr. Richard Mueller performed a laser procedure on my varicose veins (both legs). This procedure has improved many aspects of my life – gone are the ‘ugly legs’ and now I can proudly wear a skirt. Also, I am not afraid of hitting my legs and causing an ulcer. Dr. Mueller was wonderful – compassionate and I could see he really cares for his patients.”

– Kathleen O.

“I am very pleased with the procedure done by Dr. Mueller for my leg’s vascular condition. It was much easier and less painful that what I thought it would be. I felt in good hands with Dr. Mueller. The recovery was fast and the results were excellent. Dr. Mueller is very professional and very communicative, and his staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend Dr. Mueller.”

– Magaly D.

“Dr. Mueller & his staff are Excellent ! I would highly recommend them to everyone I know. Dr. Mueller is very personable and knowledgeable. His bedside manner is awesome. He really takes the time to explain all procedures and answers all your questions. Dr. Mueller clearly goes above and beyond to help you out. I am thoroughly impressed ! I will highly recommend him to everyone them I know. Best Doctor in Manhattan ! Thank you,”

– Betsy K.

“When I first came to the Doctor, my upper thighs looked like an interstate road map and my lower legs looked like 3D topographical map of the Rockies. Now they are as smooth and calm as a rolling field in Iowa. Thank you Dr. Mueller !

– Jeremy S.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Richard Mueller at his Vein and Laser Institute. His eye for detail and concern for the patient’s wants and needs are something i rarely have come across in my visits to other doctors offices. He truly cares about the needs and outcome of his patients. I recommend going to see him if you want a doctor that takes his time in listening to your concerns and expectations, working with you to meet these outcomes.”

– Irene M.

“I am a patient of Dr. Mueller’s for 6 years. He has saved my life. I don’t trust any other doctor like I trust him. He does not treat you like you are a number; he treats you like you are a family member. He is the best doctor ever !”

– Arlene K.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mueller’s for years. Dr. Mueller is thorough, thoughtful, knowledgeable, open minded and most importantly a terrific listener. Most doctors make no eye contact and see you for 15 minutes. Dr. Mueller is very attentive and takes the time to listen to your concerns and work collaboratively. The only problem is there are not many doctors like Dr. Mueller so you will probably be very disappointed with your other doctors. Dr. Mueller is the best.”

– Maria P.

“My name is Fanny C. I am very happy to have come to Medical Associates of New York for sclerotherapy of my varicose veins. Realistically, I have had an incredible change. I believe I will be able to wear a mini skirt soon and show my legs again, something that I couldn’t do for many years. The difference from before and now is easily noticeable. I give thanks to God and to Dr Mueller and all the people that in one way or another have made it possible for this miracle.

No more pain – no more swelling !!! “

– Fanny C.

“Doctor Mueller likely saved my life when he ordered a CT scan, which exposed a pancreatic abnormality. I am forever grateful for his diligence, professionalism and heartfelt concern for me, and for all his patients.”

– Judge JAL

“I have been a cardiac patient of Dr. Mueller for more than a dozen years, during which time I have had a triple bypass and angioplasty. (I’m a septuagenarian and, thanks to his treatment, I’m still able to do a heavy weight workout at the gym and speedwalk 20+ miles per week.) In addition to being an excellent cardiologist, always aware of the latest studies and treatments and willing to discuss the pros and cons thereof, Dr. Mueller is a caring and compassionate physician who will spend as much time answering a patient’s questions and explaining in layman’s terms as the patient requires. His reputation as one of the best cardiologists in New York is well deserved.”

– Charles H.

“Dr. Mueller found the source of a cardiac problem I’ve had most of my life and offered an innovative and noninvasive way to treat it. He answered every one of my many questions and made me feel that my health is important to him. His testing facility is top notch, his staff is thorough and friendly and I had the most comprehensive care I’ve ever experienced.”

– Judith L.

“Dr. Mueller is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend him.”

– Arlene B.

“Kept me alive and made me well after cardiomyopathy. The best.”

– Arthur A.

“Dr. Mueller is the best ! All the patients love him, respect him, and appreciate him. I feel fortunate that he is my doctor.”

– Joyce F.

“I greatly appreciate the superb evaluations you provide in your office; I am familiar with many physicians and you are the best in that regard ! Even though I had to wait to see you, it was worth it.”

– Emilie H.

Dr. Richard Mueller is one of the finest physicians in New York City. I have complex medical issues that have perplexed many specialists for over 15 years. Dr. Mueller is always thorough, respectful, methodical and compassionate. I have been to many other doctors who just gave up on my medical problems. Dr. Mueller is organized, has a very competent and respectful staff, has cable news and computers for use in his waiting room, and is able to perform many tests right his office, which saves patients time and expense. Dr. Mueller is a perfect combination of an obviously brilliant physician and an extremely caring person.

Having a physician who is thorough, scientific in his approach and who takes the necessary time to explain things and answer questions is enormously important for anyone with a complex illness. Sometimes there is await in the waiting room, but it is well worth it. Dr. Mueller’s physician colleagues are also as thorough and skilled as he is. Trust me, I’ve been to literally scores of not so great MD’s in NYC, and Dr. Mueller is without a doubt one of the best and one of the very very good ones. I hope I can find just as good MD’s where I am moving to !

I will miss you so much [patient relocating]. You’re an amazing doctor, and the world is lucky to have you.You know it’s my opinion that you’re one of the best MDs in the world. I hope I can find an MD as amazing and wonderful as you after I relocate from NYC.

– Denise R., MA, EdM

“Not only is he a brilliant, knowledgeable, compassionate physician, he is a person who takes his medical practice to a level that is second to none ! He is also a man who keeps up with world affars, has a sense of humor and makes you feel like you are the only patient in his office. He is so generous with his time and so thorough, asks so many questions and gives one such a comfort level….I am very blessed and very fortunate to have Dr. Mueller looking out for me and have nothing but love, admiration, and gratitude for my doctor…Richard L. Mueller, MD”

– Judith R.

Physician / Professional Colleague Testimonials…

I have known Dr. Richard Mueller for many years and am endlessly impressed by his exceptional care and dedication. It is rare to meet a physician who is so thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable, and pleasant! I have been practicing medicine for nearly 2 decades and have sent hundreds of my patients to Dr. Mueller who need to be evaluated for procedures for their varicose veins. Patients always relay to me just how thrilled they were with their visit and outcome. It is a privilege to know such an outstanding and unique physician.

Jessica Plotnick, PA-C, MMSc
Owner & Director
CPW Vein & Aesthetic Center

“As a Radiologist I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Mueller’s vast knowledge in the interpretation of every type of Doppler ultrasound studies, including those involving the diagnosis of both superficial and deep venous disease. He is constantly educating himself on the latest techniques and insights in the field. He diligently strives to impart to his patients the newest advances in cardiovascular and venous medicine. This is a physician who places the utmost importance on his patients’ well being and prides himself on patient satisfaction. His kindness and true caring characteristics are what keep him well respected among his patients and colleagues. This is a physician who continues to take pride in the practice of medicine. I appreciate all the latest information in the field he shares with me and value him as an esteemed colleague.”

– Andrew M. Lewis, MD

Radiologist, Ossining, New York

Hudson Valley Diagnostic Imaging, PC

“Dr. Mueller is an outstanding physician. He takes special care of people and is loved by his patients. he is also by far the most educated clinician I have ever known with board certification in multiple subspecialties. It is a privilege to work with him and his team.”

– Armin M. Tehrany, MD, FAAOS; Orthopaedic Surgeon, Manhattan Orthopaedic Care

Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY

“I can recommend Dr. Richard Mueller in being well versed in the field of venous disease. Dr. Mueller is an active participant in our medical blog about venous disease and treatment. He has in-depth knowledge of both superficial and deep venous disease.

Dr. Mueller demonstrates by his daily participation in the blog that his knowledge of the pathophysiology of venous disease is excellent. He has board certifications in phlebology [vein disease], vascular medicine, and cardiology. Dr. Mueller also has considerable experience with ambulatory venous techniques such as phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, and thermal ablation [laser].

From my experience, as one of the leading educators in venous disease, Dr. Mueller has impressed me as having a superior understanding of the techniques and diagnosis of this rapidly emerging field of venous therapy.”

– Ron Bush, MD, FACS; Co-Director, International Vein Congress, Miami, Florida

Director, Midwest Vein & Laser Center, Dayton, Ohio

Director, Bush Venous Lectures,

“Dr. Mueller’s scholastic achievements in phlebology and cardiovascular medicine make him one of the most sought-after and recognizable physicians in the metropolitan area. Trust your care in Dr. Mueller’s expertise and you will witness at first hand the kindness that he always takes the time to share. I wish you, Dr. Mueller, continuous success with your practice, and may each testimonial be a source of inspiration for other docs who model after your exemplary dedication and devotion to medicine.”

– Gloriande Fleurimont, MD
Internal Medicine, New York, NY

On Staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Campus

“Dr. Mueller is well versed in venous pathology. He has treated patients of mine with a variety of vascular diseases with compassion as well as excellent care !”

– Nancy Lebowitz, MD

Gynecologist, New York, NY

On Staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Campus

“Dr. Mueller is exceptionally dedicated to serving his patients. He has a wealth of knowledge as well as compassion, and can relate to patients personally. His care is comprehensive and meticulous; a pleasure to work with; our ‘go-to’ consultant in his fields !”

– Robert Gelfand, MD

Hematology / Oncology, New York, NY

On Staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Campus &

Mt. Sinai Medical Center

“Thank you for being so accommodating with seeing my patients. They have been very happy with their treatment. Furthermore, the immediate reports and correspondence from you has been outstanding. It’s been a pleasure referring my patients your way.”

– Jessica Plotnick, PA-C

Owner & Director

Central Park West Vein & Aesthetic Center

“I have found your medical practice to be professional and courteous and I feel very comfortable referring my patients for Cardiology and Vein evaluation at your office.”

– Frank Alario, MD

Internal Medicine, New York, NY

Testimonials for Dr. David Mack…

“I am extremely pleased with the medical treatment I’ve received from Dr. David Mack. I’ve been to many physicians during my lifetime. Dr. Mack stands out because he CARES about his patients. Yes, I’m happy with the medical results he’s achieved so far with me, but even more importantly his caring attitude strikes me as rare (unfortunately) in the medical profession. As a Dentist, I too treat patients, so I recognize professionalism when I experience it. When my patients need a recommendation to a physician, I tell them David Mack is my guy. David is a very smart, caring physician. The medical profession needs many more like him.”

– Brian W.

Dr. Mueller’s physician colleagues are also as thorough and skilled as he is.

– Denise R., MA, EdM


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* Note: As with all medical treatments, individual results may indeed vary, and these results may not be typical. At Sutton Place Laser Vein Care we spend a great deal of time addressing patient’s treatment expectations, the variable results of treatment, and the fact that no vein treatments offer a cure of venous disease, given its progressive nature. The risks, benefits, potential side effects, and alternatives of each vein treatment option are carefully discussed with each patient, and all questions are answered. The step by step nature of each procedure is discussed in detail with each patient, in addition to realistic results expectations. Individual results after vein treatments vary widely; EVL typically will eliminate or significantly diminish pain and other vein symptoms, and in general will reduce or eliminate varicose veins in approx. half of cases; generally, approx. half of EVL patients may require secondary procedures like sclerotherapy and/or phlebectomy. Sclerotherapy either eliminates or significantly reduces injected veins in approx. 70% of cases. Phlebectomy also reduces or eliminates treated veins in the majority of cases. Given the chronic and progressive nature of venous disease, no treatment can prevent new veins from appearing, except for those emanating from veins closed or eliminated. Vein treatments, especially sclerotherapy, may have to be repeated over time.

DISCLAIMER: The information offered herein, or by phone or email, is not in any manner a substitute for direct medical care and advice. Medical Associates of New York, Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Cosmetic Vein Solutions, & Sutton Place Laser Vein Care its officers, and its parent & subsidiary corporations do not assume or accept any liability related to any information or content contained within this website, nor within sites linked to this website. Accessing or viewing this website (or phone or email inquiries) do not in any way constitute a physician - patient relationship, does not constitute medical advice to any viewer, and the information contained herein is for general informational purposes only. Although all information was added with great care, errors are possible. All original content contained in this website and appended information, including all forms, is protected by laws regarding service marked and trademarked content. Medical Associates of New York, Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Cosmetic Vein Solutions, & Sutton Place Laser Vein Care are all registered trademarked practice corporate names in New York State. All rights reserved and content copyrighted (C) 2009-2014 by Sutton Place Laser Vein Care & Medical Associates of New York and parent corporations. We are committed to complete compliance with HIPAA and all applicable federal, state, & city healthcare laws.

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"Dr. Mueller is not just 'another' Vein Doctor. He is an internationally trusted opinion leader, speaker / presenter at top national & international conferences, author of numerous publications, and one of approx. 50 physicians in the world elected to Fellowship of the American College of Phlebology. Click here to see Dr. Mueller's Credentials"

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